Yesterday me and my Aunty took a day trip to Goostrey. My Aunty lived in the village for a while when she was growing up and I used to visit my grandma and grandpa when they still lived there. It had been such a long time since I had been back and this outing was a nostalgia trip for both of us.

We changed trains at Crewe station and got the train to Goostrey from the same platform that it used to go from. Did the journey between Crewe and Goostrey used to take longer? In no time we were there. Such familiarity walking down the lane into the village, and we were greeted by the sound of a cuckoo. We walked passed the church where I was christened and the haunted Manor House where some relatives once lived. I had such excited anticipation at seeing Bank View, and oh gosh there it was. Much smaller than I remembered and a few changes, it had been painted white and had a porch added, but just as sweet and homely. I hadn’t remembered that it was number 16, the same number as the house where I now live. It was the comforting feeling that our house had of my grandma and grandpa’s that drew me to it. We walked down the short lane at the back of Bank View to look over the gate and into the fields that are still there.

Our next stop was The Bongs, local woods that were always a source of interest and enjoyment for me and my Aunty. These were filled with the sound of birdsong and carpeted with wild flowers. At the back of these woods on the horizon you can just see Jodrell Bank, I had forgotten how close it is to the village.

My memories of childhood holidays at my grandma and grandpa’s house in Goostrey are so strong and now this visit will be layered and mixed in with these.

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