styling spring at mine

I do like to mark the changing seasons with decorations, natural finds and flowers in the house and this month, for the first time I’m joining in with Katy (apartment apothecary) and Charlotte’s (lotts and lots) “Styling the Seasons”.


Ooo, I’m a bit happy that Spring is here! April definitely means Spring to me, lots of flowers coming into bloom and trees waking up after a Winter sleep.


We decorated the front room just before Christmas, the white walls are still a novelty to me and I am enjoying experimenting with different arrangements against this background.



I have quite a few vintage teacups and these make sweet containers for plants. When the violas outgrow these cups I’ll plant them in the garden.


The shelf above the fire makes a good focal point for different decorations, I expect I’ll be changing it again soon.


I think I’ve only just got my Styling the Seasons done in time! This month is a special – “Styling Spring at Mine” and there is a super prize to be won (more about that on Katy and Charlotte’s blogs, details above).


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