useful pots for keeping things in

I never seem to have enough storage pots for all my workshop resources so I thought I’d make some. I used a variety of containers and fabrics to make them, upcycling things that might otherwise have been thrown away.

materialsEquipment & Materials

variety of containers – such as crisp tubes, drinking chocolate containers, coffee tins

fabric scraps and remnants – old jeans, cotton poplin, lace trimmings


glue – an all purpose adhesive and fabric glue



Measure your pots and cut out a piece of the backing fabric to size (I used denim).

cutting-denimGlue around the edges and middle of the fabric, on the ‘wrong’ side, then stick it to the container. I used an all purpose glue for this stage.

covered-potsNow cut some contrasting fabrics into strips to add ‘stripes’ to the container.

close-upGlue around the edges and middle of the the strips. I used fabric glue for this.

gluingStick the strips to the container to make a stripy pattern.

adding-detailsYou could also add lace or ribbon stripes.





  1. June says:

    I love your choice of denim Madeline, and the lovely touches of floral fabric and lace, and I especially love that you used pinking shears!

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