lovely leaves

It seems to have been quite a late Autumn where I live, with the leaves turning later and staying on the trees. However, over the past couple of weeks there has been a dramatic burst of colour. We visited nearby Bodnum Arboretum to make the most of this colour.

redyellow spotty walking yellow pinkleaves fallenleaves lookingupyellowandredfallen

The trees in my neighbourhood are also bursting with colour.



A few years ago some houses were demolished at the end of our road giving us this leafy view.


I can’t resist collecting leafy Autumn treasures and the house gets filled with them at this time of year.


They inspire me to make leafy creations (see also my Autumn Leaves Bunting tutorial)


I’m going to make the most of this colour while it’s still around. You can join me on Instagram for some #autumncolourloving

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