autumn leaf bunting

I originally made this leaf bunting from felt using four different colours I then developed this variation that uses a mix of felt and patterned vintage fabrics. You could choose to use just felt or just patterned fabrics or a combination like I have.


Equipment & Materials



Embroidery needle

Sewing needle

Felt (in different colours)

Patterned fabric (different colours and patterns)

Embroidery thread

Cotton thread

Ribbon or tape


Air erasable pen/or embroidery transfer pencil

Paper pattern (download here)



Print the leaf pattern and cut out the individual leaves. Pin these to the fabrics of your choice and cut out fabric leaves. I made my bunting with eight leaves (two of each shape) but you could have any number of leaves that you want.

Each leaf is made from two pieces of fabric. I made mine with a felt side and a fabric side, you will need to make sure that the two sides match up.


Embroider a pattern onto your leaf using running stitch and star stitch, you can use the design from my pattern if you like (or create your own). You can draw this onto the fabric using an air erasable pen or iron on the design using an embroidery transfer pencil.


I embroidered both pieces of my leaves so the bunting is reversible and can be hung in any position.


Sew the two sides of each leaf together using blanket stitch.


Choose some ribbon or tape to attach the leaves to. I used approximately 1.5m of tape for my eight leaves.


When all the leaves are sewn together decide how you would like to arrange them.


Attach the leaves to the tape at regular intervals using sewing thread. I used a selection of mismatched vintage buttons as a finishing decorative detail.


Hang your bunting!




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