spring colours

The world is coming back to colour after winter and the past couple of weeks have been all about yellow for me. The daffodils have bloomed in parks, along verges and a few in my front garden. Daffodils in the home definitely mean that Spring is here.daffs-in-the-home

I don’t have many yellow flowers in my garden but they are among the first to flower, primroses….


….and celandines.celandine celandines

I’ve planted some little yellow violas in the garden and also brought a couple inside to decorate the front room.


Forsythia is flowering all around the neighbourhood…


…and the fluffy pompom heads of dandelions are everywhere.


I couldn’t resist bringing a few home.


If you want to join in with this celebration of colour you can join me on Instagram or twitter using #springcolourloving (or #autumncolourloving, #summercolourloving, #wintercolourloving, as it might not be Spring where you are) or blog about it (just leave a comment below and link to your blog). It doesn’t just have to be natural colours or one colour in particular, anything colourful that takes your fancy and I’ll do round ups here and on Instagram.


  1. June says:

    Hi Madeline – I love your idea for these seasonal color celebrations. I’m planning a blog post right now that would fit nicely with this theme. I’ll let you know when I post. Also, I was nominated for the Liebster Award and wondered if you’d like to read my blog post about it and see who I nominated?

    • Meeni says:

      Oh I can’t wait to read your seasonal colour blog post!

      You are such a sweetie, thank you for the Leibster Award nominaton xx

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