autumn leaves wreath

There were oh so many gorgeously coloured leaves on this morning’s dog walk and I couldn’t resist collecting a bag full.

leavesWhat to do with all these leaves? I generally arrange them round the house but I decided that I would also make a wreath for the front door.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make it.

Materials and equipment


wire (this needs to be strong enough to hold it’s shape)


thin wire (to attach the leaves to the wreath)

String or ribbon (to hang the wreath)



You could preserve the leaves if you wish (there are some methods here and here). The wreath will last longer if you preserve the leaves, especially if you want to display it indoors. As mine is for outside I didn’t preserve the leaves.

Sort your leaves into shapes or colours, this will help with arranging the leaves on the wreath.


Make a circle of the thicker wire (this can be a size to suit, I made mine about 20cm in diameter) and wrap the ends around each other to close the circle.

Before attaching the leaves spend some time arranging them round the wire to see what design you prefer.


When you are happy with your design attach the leaves to the wreath with the thin wire by wrapping it around the stems. Overlap the leaves and continue round the wire circle cutting any very long stalks.


Finish when you have reached your stating point. Add a length of string or ribbon to hang the wreath.




  1. Hi Meeni!

    We are following each other on Instagram and I want to make a leaf wreath and so I came to your blog because I remembered seeing the IG post. So glad I checked it out – now on to wreath making! Love yours! So colorful, especially on your brightly colored door – love that!

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