rabbit finger puppets

making rabbit finger puppets

I made some little rabbit finger puppets and thought I would share how to make them. They would make really sweet presents or attached to a card they work well as a greetings card/present combined.



felt, whatever colours you like, I chose bright colours but pastels would be just as nice.

small print cotton fabric for ear patches

plain cotton or calico for face

embroidery threads in contrasting colours to the felt

scissors, needles and pins

paper for pattern

card (optional, use if making greetings cards)

(click on image to enlarge)

Pattern and cutting

you can make the puppets any size to fit. Mine were made for children and measured about 10cm in length and 3.5cm wide

you can download pattern here

cut out two body shapes

cut out one face and two ear patches

(click on images to enlarge)


lay parts out to check that they match up

first embroider the rabbit’s face, using black thread, on the plain cotton/calico

then sew the face, using contrasting thread, on to one of the body pieces using overstitch

put the two body pieces together and blanket stitch together, using the contrasting thread, adding the ear patches when you reach the ears (don’t forget to leave a gap at the end of the rabbit for the finger)

(click on images to enlarge)

When the rabbit is finished you can attach it to card with a safety pin if you want to make it into a greetings card. Decorate the card and add text if you like. (Please credit meeni with this design).

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